International Detention Coaliation Mapping of immigration detention and alternatives to detention in East and Horn of Africa
Design role and project overview
I was responsible for the complete design of the IDC Regional Report aimed to map immigration detention and alternatives in the East Africa and Horn of Africa region. It presented findings from a comprehensive study on immigration detention across seven countries, with the objective of enhancing understanding of detention trends, challenges, and promising practices.
Approach and Key Features
Given the extensive nature of the report, I strategically extracted key elements for highlighting, focusing on visuals to convey information more comprehensively. For instance, I illustrated migratory routes from the East Africa region, enhancing clarity compared to the textual descriptions provided in the report.
Impact or Results
Feedback from communications staff affirmed the effectiveness of the design, stating, "The design you created is exceptionally beautiful and will significantly bolster IDC and our advocacy efforts." This positive response underscores the impactful role of visual communication in advancing the organization's objectives.
IOM Young Entrepreneurs Self-Employment Factsheet 
Design Role and Project Overview
As the designer for this project, I was responsible for the design and execution of a factsheet aimed at simplifying a project summary document. The objective of the factsheet was to visually convey the objectives and key points of the project target young entrepreneurs in the Gambia. 
Approach and Key Features
For the factsheet, I adopted a strategic approach to design that emphasized clarity and visual impact. The left side of the factsheet features a band of shapes and icons, allowing for quick scanning of key facts. On the right side, I provided a detailed and visual project description, with a clear division to illuminate the two main axes of the project: coaching and a cash grant. Additionally, I integrated illustrations of young people to emphasize the project's focus on youth.
Impact or Results
The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive. One comment stated, "Her infographics and information products have genuinely impressed the research teams and allowed us to communicate our messages effectively." This feedback indicates that the factsheet successfully achieved its goal of communicating the project's objectives and key points in a clear and visually engaging manner.
TAI Tanzania Durabini Project Overview Factsheet 
Design Role and Project Overview
I undertook the consolidation and design of a comprehensive project report into a concise factsheet for the Darubini Project, implemented by Tai Tanzania. The primary aim of the factsheet was to succinctly outline the prevailing challenges regarding Sexual and Reproductive Health in Tanzania, alongside detailing the project's tailored approach in addressing these issues, particularly among teenage girls.
Approach and Key Features
To effectively convey complex information within a limited space, I adopted a strategic approach that prioritized clarity and visual impact. Key features of the factsheet include:
- Clear segmentation of content into two pages, enabling readers to easily navigate between challenges and project interventions.
- Integration of data graphs and formatted text to present statistical insights and project strategies comprehensively.
- Utilization of visually engaging elements such as icons, color schemes, and layout design to enhance readability and retention of information.
Impact or Results
While the factsheet's impact extends beyond quantitative measures, the feedback received from Tai Tanzania underscores its effectiveness in communicating key messages and fostering understanding. A testimonial provided by the organization states:
"It was truly a pleasure working with Dara. She exhibited exceptional professionalism and brought a fresh perspective to our organization's communication efforts. We look forward to further collaboration and appreciate her valuable contributions to our project."
This testimonial reflects the positive reception of the factsheet and highlights its role in illuminating Tai Tanzania's initiatives.
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